Individual Services

A Practical Plan for YOUR Financial Freedom!


Most individuals in debt would agree they would love to be free of it. However, in reality, many people aren’t willing to discipline themselves to a lot of change. We can help that! 89% of people can truly be free in five to seven years with some strategy changes. Our associates will prepare you a math based, proven, personalized plan that empowers you and gives you the hope that YOU CAN experience Financial Freedom! Your debt relief plan not only guides you out of debt, with minimal changes to your lifestyle, it also will impact your decisions, your future goals, even the legacy you leave your children. Your customized plan can truly benefit every area of your life. Request a free custom Get-Out-Of-Debt plan today!


With the uncertain and ever – changing economic conditions over the years, you have probably had to make changes to your retirement plan. Let our team assist you in developing a strategy to safeguard your hard – earned money. We will only suggest products and services that guarantee the principle, so you never risk losing a dime.


Every year millions of people face legal issues. Let’s face it, attorneys are expensive. Integrity Financial makes finding legal assistance easy and affordable. We not only give you access to legal counsel for traditional legal problems, but for things such as having your rental agreement reviewed, your will prepared or receiving legal guidance for a dispute with a neighbor or a creditor. You can feel good knowing that if you have a legal question, need advice or help with a legal document, you have someone to contact.


Buying insurance only makes sense. We all need insurance for things that we cannot cover ourselves. We recommend that you buy the least expensive quality insurance you can. Having a cash reserve in place will allow you to set higher deductibles on coverages such as home, auto and health. Our goal is to analyze your coverages and match it with your current lifestyle and circumstances where you only buy what you need.