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Build a Better Benefit Package for Your Employees!


We believe: Benefits should make a difference in the lives of employees and their families – Both at work and at home. That is why we strengthen your benefits package, so your workforce can be prepared for life’s unforeseen events.

Employee Financial Statistics:

We will meet with you to uncover any potential problem areas or gaps in coverage and identify the benefits that are most important to you and your employees. It’s quick, easy and hassle free. Book an appointment with an Integrity Financial benefit specialist NOW!

Benefit Options:

Group Voluntary Benefits

Accident Coverage - Accidents are a part of everyday life, but are we prepared for the additional financial burdens? Accident coverage provides cash benefits for out of pocket expenses associated with an accidental injury. Benefits for accidental injuries include: hospitalization, emergency care treatment, fractures, dislocations, burns, surgical procedures, lacerations, physical therapy, rehabilitation, follow up treatments, ambulances and more. Benefits are available for employees, spouses and children. The coverage is available at affordable premiums.

Critical Illness - Critical Illness plans pay a lump sum payment when an employee or family member is diagnosed or treated for many of the costliest out of pocket events. Heart attack, Stroke, Cancer, Major Organ Transplant, Brain Tumor, Coma, Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, Advanced Parkinson Disease and more. Second Opinion, Transportation and Lodging are included, all at affordable premiums.

Short Term Disability - Disability coverage is available to employees only and is designed to replace lost income from a sickness or off the job disability that prevents the employee from working. After the coverage begins, it pays for loss of income for up to six months per disability. This plan helps protect income during recovery of an event.

Term to 100 Life Insurance - Life insurance helps pay for expenses due to the death of a family member. This coverage pays a lump sum benefit. Employees choose who to cover in their family and the amounts that best suit them. The coverage is term insurance and will last until their age 100, offering peace of mind, low costs and lifetime coverage.

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